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Reflectix (Bulk Rolls)

What is Reflectix Insulation?

Reflectix is a 5/16" thick, seven layer, reflective insulation which is available in rolls of various widths and lengths. It is used extensively in both specialty and standard construction projects. Two outer layers of aluminum foil reflect 97% of radiant heat. Each layer of foil is bonded to a tough layer of polyethylene for strength. Two inner layers of insulation bubbles resist conductive heat flow, while a center layer of polyethylene gives Reflectix high reliability and strength.

  • Crawl Spaces: Heat normally escaping downwards in winter is reflected back up, lowering house heating costs and increasing comfort by keeping floors warm.
  • Attics: A great deal of heat comes in and escapes through the roof; Reflectix helps regulate house temperatures to keep your house comfortable all year. Reflectix is shown to reduce heat gain through the ceiling by about 40 percent.
  • Side Walls: Reflectix can be used in conjunction with mass insulation and rigid board to give a superior system R-value of R-19.56 while meeting building codes and keeping framing costs down.
  • Basement Walls: retards vapor, resists fungus and mold, and controls dew point problems.
  • Radiant Floors: Reflectix is a perfect choice for insulating below radiant floor heaters. The aluminum foil reflects 97% of the heat energy that strikes it.
  • Ducts and Pipes: Heating costs can be greatly reduced by wrapping ducts and pipes with Reflectix to virtually eliminate unnecessary heat loss.
Reflectix has an extensive bank of testing for fire safety, vapor transmission, mold and mildew resistance, emittance and smoke density, along with a full line of physical properties tests. Reflectix products and applications have been evaluated by an impressive and ever growing list of agencies including:
  • Building Officials and Code Administrators
  • International Conference of Building Officials
  • Southern Building Code Congress International
  • Canadian Construction Materials Centre
  • The State of California
  • The State of Wisconsin
  • The State of Minnesota
Testing result resources available on the Reflectix Inc. Website

Reflectix Concrete Insulation Technical Data

Part Number Size Weight Lbs/Roll Square Ft.
Double-Bubble Regular Edge 
RX-BP1612516" x 125' 11.00 166.66
RX-BP1625016" x 250' 22.00 333.32
RX-BP2412524" x 125' 16.50 250.00
RX-BP2425024" x 250' 33.00 500.00
RX-BP3612536" x 125' 24.75 375.00
RX-BP3625036" x 250' 49.50 750.00
RX-BP4812548" x 125' 33.00 500.00
RX-BP4825048" x 250' 66.00 1000.00
RX-BP9662596" x 62.5' 33.00 500.00
Double Bubble Under Concrete 
RX-DBW4812548" x 125' 33.00 500.00
RX-DBWEF4812548" x 125' 33.00 500.00
Single Bubble 
RX-SBW4862548" x 62.5' 10.00 250.00
RX-SB4812548" x 125' 20.00 500.00
RX-SB4862548" x 62.5' 10.00 250.00
Staple Tab 
RX-ST1612516" x 125' 11.00 166.66
RX-ST2412524" x 125' 16.50 250.00
RX-ST4812548" x 125' 33.00 500.00

Reflectix (Consumer Rolls)

Part Number Size Weight Lbs/Roll Square Ft.
16" Double-Bubble Regular Edge 
RX-BP1602516" x 25' 2.20 33.33
RX-BP1605016" x 50' 4.40 66.66
16" Staple Tab 
RX-ST1602516" x 25' 2.20 33.33
RX-ST1605016" x 50' 4.40 66.66
24" Double-Bubble Regular Edge 
RX-BP2401024" x 10' 1.32 20.00
RX-BP2402524" x 25' 3.30 50.00
RX-BP2405024" x 50' 6.60 100.00
24" Staple Tab 
RX-ST2402524" x 25' 3.30 50.00
RX-ST2405024" x 50' 6.60 100.00
36" Double-Bubble Regular Edge 
RX-BP3602536" x 25' 4.95 75.00
RX-BP3605036" x 50' 9.90 150.00
48" Double-Bubble Regular Edge 
RX-BP4801048" x 10' 2.64 40.00
RX-BP4802548" x 25' 6.60 100.00
RX-BP4805048" x 50' 13.20 200.00
48" Staple Tab 
RX-ST4802548" x 25' 6.60 100.00
RX-ST4805048" x 50' 13.20 200.00

Reflectix (Miscellaneous)

Part Number Size/Description
RX-DW12025Duct Wrap (12" x 25') 4/Case
RX-SPW06025Spiral Pipe Wrap (6" x 25') 8/Case
RX-SPW04025Spiral Pipe Wrap (4" x 25') 12/Case
RX-SPW02025Spiral Pipe Wrap (2" x 25') 6/Case
RX-FT210Foil Tape (2" x 30') 24/Case
RX-FT250Foil Tape (2" x 150') 24/Case
RX-FT350Foil Tape (3" x 150') 16/Case
RX-WPT35524White Vinyl Tape (3" x 165') 16/Case
SE-55501Supertape 555 Rubber Resin 3/4" x 100' 10/Case
RX-WHK1Water Heater Kit Domestic
RX-SR24058Windshield Solar Reflector (24" x 58") 16/Case
RX-SR24062Windshield Solar Reflector (24" x 62") 16/Case
RX-SP22066Sports Buddy (22" x 66") 12/Case
RX-RB480625Radiant Barrier (48" x 62.5')
RX-RB48125Radiant Barrier (48" x 125')

Reflectix Expansion Joint

This durable, lightweight closed-cell foam expansion joint is the solution for your concrete placement needs. Stiff enough to use on straight joints, flexible enough to shape to contours.

Additional Features and Benefits:
  • Quality - Exceeds ASTM Standards D-4819 & D-3575
  • Lightweight - Approximately 10 times lighter than traditional products
  • Sturdy - Will not prematurely break during job site handling
  • Resistant to Moisture - Virtually zero water absorption
  • Termite Resistant - Does not facilitate destructive termites
  • UV Resistant - Prevents early degradation from the sun.
  • Recyclable - Foam is made of recyclable resins
  • Temperature Friendly - Material is CFC and HCFC-free
  • Reusable - Tear-off strip can be reused as a backer rod
  • Sealant Friendly - Works with a variety of common sealants

Installation Instructions:
  1. Unroll and cut to length.
  2. Attach to adjacent material before pouring concrete. Attachment can be made with construction adhesive, nails or staples. Be sure that the top of the Expansion Joint is at the top of the intended concrete pour.
  3. Expansion Joint material includes a built-in "tear-off" strip. Place tear-off strip facing up if caulking is desired after concrete hardens. Put tear-off strip facing down if no caulking is planned.
  4. Pour concrete and finish. After concrete hardens, if tear-off strip was placed up, remove strip and seal area with appropriate caulking.

Part Number Size Case Qty
RX-EXP040504" x 50' x 1/2" 10
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